LOUNGE AT THE HOE, will be the finale – for three days of a contemporary art festival being celebrated at the Plymouth Art Weekender showcases later this month – from the 22-24 September.

Artworks 3 are putting the finishing touches together for a marquee studio in Hoe Park on the 24 September – where a semi nude model Miss Ashley Franceschi will be posing for budding artists wanting to paint her illuminating pose, expressive pout, or anatomic take on the human condition.

Half-hour studio painting sessions are free, and Abigail White of Artworks 3, said: “Life models is more than just getting your kit off. It’s hard physical work for our models, far from the glamour of catwalk, Ashley will have to sit still for 30 minute sessions.”

The Plymouth Art Weekender takes place annually every year, and celebrates a wide range of events and exhibitions throughout the city.


Anyone looking for more information about the Artworks 3 ‘Lounge at the Hoe’ can find more details on their arts portal: www.artworks3.uk


Abigail White and Lesley Robinson of Artworks 3

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