Running my own business for nearly 8-years, I still have my own dreams of having Dorcas Media feature on a front page or major international publication.

I know working with our clients’ and companies you can deliver major PR campaigns that certainly create breakthrough media moments. And this should be very much part of your overall public relations and marketing strategies, and offers advantages other promotional offers can’t.

The year 2020, will be remembered how Covid-19 pandemic changed the dynamics of crisis communications, and the devastating impact on local firms, people’s lives, and how we now conduct our international PR and marketing campaigns.

With every low moment throughout 2020, we have discovered many upsides – and looking how to create new opportunities, not least for UK companies looking to work on the global stage over this exciting new decade.

Kevin Kelway at the House of Lords winning Community Campaigner of the Year for PR campaign in saving Plymouth’s iconic Tinside Lido

The main goals of international PR are simple, EXPOSURE:

  • We can at Dorcas Media work on well-structured PR campaigns in target markets
  • This will provide more space and time to explain your product and business with global specialists
  • Spreading media releases to many locations and across social media platforms
  • Distribution of copy, and depending on the media outlets, story-telling can be picked up by a large number of additional media, thus spreading your brand message
  • International PR working with ITM can be cost-effective when compared to other promotional efforts
  • Working with PR Specialists, you can reduce the risk of your story ‘Getting Bumped’ from other planned stories by regular follow ups, and made to measure services we provide

A communications crisis is the acid test of PR leadership and the successful resolution relies on addressing the underlying problem, and effectively communicating your response to it.


As a result of Covid-19 pandemic – the power of communication is even more critical on the international stage in selling your brand and business.


Companies across the globe are faced with depleted teams and operating from home and their skills and abilities have been tested to the limits as they work to make their corporate voices heard – so the importance of getting your International PR messaging is more important than ever

Top 10 messaging points include being:

  • Clear
  • Simple
  • Consistent
  • Transparent
  • Empathetic, people remember what you say
  • Trust in communication
  • Adapting to change
  • Flexibility
  • Planning and research
  • The coronavirus is the biggest crisis management we’ve ever seen in the modern era, and learning multiple PR and marketing lessons from it

Small is beautiful in the global village now where companies can change business models very quickly.

Remember the core PR values when looking to promote your branding overseas:

  • Make the right decision on Export Specialists that understand overseas strategies
  • Appoint a single PR specialist to create your media strategy in working in target export markets
  • Time Zones are crucial in how you deliver PR content
  • Target social media outlets globally
  • Research, research, research, for tailor-made PR campaigns
  • Understanding regional media and markets
  • International language barriers
  • Testing the global waters with pilot campaigns

Anyone looking for a Free 1-hour consultation or more information how International Trade Matters can support your PR and marketing services globally – please contact: kevin@dorcasmedia.com

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