In a poignant and personal video, Abigail at Clever Student Lets, talks about her past battle with depression.


THE team at Clever Student Lets has launched a series of events in the city to raise awareness of Mental Health Awareness Week – taking place from the 13th to 19thMay.

Felicity Shaw, sales manager, at Clever Student Lets, said: “We are organising a series of events at City College, Plymouth College of Art, and on the campus of the University of Plymouth to mark mental health week.”

“Mental Health Awareness Week is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, and the theme this year is ‘Body Image’ – and how we think and feel about our bodies,’ she said.

New Sales Manager at Clever Student Lets, Felicity Shaw

The first of the events takes place on Tuesday 14thMay, with ‘FREE HUGS’ to help sooth being stressed out. Hugs bring greater social support and generally a sign of decreasing stress, said Miss Shaw.

On Wednesday 15thMay, at Plymouth College of Art, a whirlwind of pillow fights will take place giving stress students the chance to let off steam in epic pillow fights.

Clever Student Lets are organising a special Vanpool Karaoke sessions where students can sing out their hearts behind the wheel, at City College Plymouth, on Thursday at 2pm. The event is based on the Carpool Karaoke that has seen some of the world’s biggest celebrities sing it out behind the wheel with TV host James Cordon.

On Friday, a ‘Doodle Day’ is planned at Plymouth College of Art, at 3pm, for students, artists, illustrators to pick up their pens, pencils and paints – to help people destress.

Team Clever getting ready for a week of events supporting Mental Health Awareness

In a poignant and personal video, Abigail at Clever Student Lets, talks about her past battle with depression – in a bid to encourage others to be more ‘open and honest’ about how they feel, and to seek help to stay ‘mentally fit and healthy’.

Henry Hutchins, chief executive of Clever Student Lets, said: “I’m very proud the team at CSL are pulling all the stops out this week to support Mental Health Awareness Week with our city partners.”

“Our designated charity for the next year is MIND.”

“A large section of our teams will be going on designated mental health courses for greater awareness of mental health issues,” he said.

Anyone looking for more information about events taking place for Mental Health Awareness Week in Plymouth, can find details on Clever Student Lets Facebook pages:





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