The New York based multi-award nominated KBO Theatre Company will be staging ‘To Win A Crown of Thorns’ by Devon playwright Chris Savery and directed/co-produced by New York’s three-time award nominee Angie Kristic at the Camden Fringe Festival, Libra Theatre Cafe, on the 8th of August, 2024, at 7p.m. 

The play is based on the English Civil War of 1642-1651 and a series of conflicts and political machinations between Parliamentarians (Roundheads) and Charle 1 (Royalists).

The production was first staged, directed, and cast by Ms. Kristic who is also the founder and Artistic Director of the KBO Theatre Company for the Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York and Paris.

The play was nominated for three awards: Best Play, Best Playwright, and Best Director.

Chris Savery said: “My play generated a lot of interest in the Big Apple from the hard work of Angie and the American cast, and I’m excited about its debut in London,” he said.

“To Win A Crown of Thorns is a big play on words and the flexibility of the English language, and I am immensely proud that three-time award nominee Angie is coming over from the States to direct and produce the play in London.”

The cast includes Will Barton, who played Boris Johnson in the hit show ‘The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson,’ who will be reading the role of Oliver Cromwell.

Chris Savery was first nominated as best playwright for his play ‘Marilyn’ based on Marilyn Monroe that was nominated for three awards at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York in 2015.

Chris has written several plays including ‘1588’ that featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival online to great acclaim.

Angie Kristic is a three-time award nominee for Best Director, Off Broadway shows ‘Cherchez La Femme’ and ‘Birthday Boy’. 

Ms. Kristic is also directing and producing two other plays ‘Tundra’ with Peter Seaton-Clark and Andrew Boszhardt, and ‘Two Cents’ with Will Barton performing at the Camden Fringe Festival.

She has also directed and co-produced over 20 plays, musicals, and staged readings at a number of prestigious American theatres.

Ms. Kristic was nominated as Best Lead Actress in ‘Faded’ at the New York Fringe Festival.

She has also appeared on many US TV shows and directed/produced many productions.

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