A unique asset for future generations, YourSay, Plymouth Herald


ON July 7 2,000, the Labour Cultural Minister Alan Howarth wrote to me confirming the historic Drake’s Reservoir was being further protected.

The new entry included the Victorian reservoir walls, boundary walls and railings. The urgency in submitting my application for further conservation was intense at the time, with talk from some councillors of turning the site into a car park for the university. After 14 years since the preservation by the Government on behalf of the nation, it is indeed a proud moment to see this civic site restored to its former glory.

No amount of air brushing will take away the proud role city campaigners played in a very high-profile PR campaign to save this unique asset for future generations to enjoy.

Soon it will be buzzing with life again, and will host public events, and The Drake’s Place Project sounds an exciting plan going forward.

Many campaigners who fought to save the site were the same people who fought to save Tinside Pool, and many have sadly passed away over the years, and will not see this important part of Plymouth’s heritage reopened.

The reservoir and gardens will create a beautiful setting that will breathe new life into the centre of Plymouth. At £1.4million, the restoration of a new entrance and level access from North Hill to the reservoir area, with the fountains in the reservoir reinstated along with the cascade and stream which run through the gardens, will be a spectacular new feature to the gateway to the city.



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