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By KEVIN KELWAY, director

 ONE of the main functions of PR is relationship building whether it is local, regional, national, and nowadays international – if you’re going to export.

And a large part of my last 10 months in developing Dorcas Media has been building international media relationships and links with organisations, and other agencies in cross-cultural persuasions.

PR practices require the same basic skills in every country, but there are also special PR needs for every country, region and industry within each.

Immersing and researching other cultures is strategically important – in order to meet the needs of the client in the PR market you are trying to promote and grow the business.

Five tips I’ve learned in my last 10 months of international PR include:

1. Travel! Being acquainted with other cultures and customs – but always looking at potential opportunities.

2. Sharpen your international PR skills – always learning and developing media crafts from different countries.

3. Broaden your horizons. Pursue opportunities that you hadn’t thought of, take chances, no matter what people think.

4. Networking – really important in building international relationships.

5. Try to learn foreign language (s) – I am totally rubbish at this – but still trying. (English is a world language)

I have learned a great deal about other diverse international PR practices, but the fundamentals are always the same in my opinion.

So if you are looking to develop PR in overseas markets come and have a chat with Dorcas Media.

Dorcas case study profile: RANK SUCCESS

Meanwhile, a unique South West business called Rank Success is looking to grow on the national stage; it works to achieve the goals and aspirations for serving police officers.

Steve Cooper, a retired police detective inspector, and qualified executive coach, set up Rank Success to specialise and support other police officers across the UK to succeed in promotion processes.

Mr Cooper said: “Preparation is the key to succeeding in promotion, and Rank Success is looking to work across the UK, with downloadable promotion guides on our website.”

More information about our clients can be found on our new website community.

For more information contact Kevin Kelway at kevin@dorcasmedia.com or ring 07435 745458.

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