2015-04-04 13.00.46STUDENTS from across the globe come and learn English at Tellus College schools in Plymouth and Portsmouth every year -and experience many work placement opportunities with local employers.

But perhaps, a group of learners from the beautiful islands of French Polynesia in the Pacific – are far the most exotic?

18-year-old, Tahiti students, Maheal Ani, and 20-year-old, Miriama Bonet have been on a two-month work experience, at the Scope charity shop in Cornwall Street, Plymouth.

The French students enjoyed their time working in a retail shop with other volunteers and meeting and interacting with local Plymouth shoppers.

Miss Ani, said: “Scope are charity shops to support disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else, and I really enjoyed my time working at the shop, and it helped me improve my English language skills and understand the British culture more.”

Miss Bonet, said: “It is quite a cultural change coming from small islands in the Pacific to Britain, but we have really enjoyed our time in Plymouth and Tellus College, and I’m really pleased I know more about the wonderful islands of Britain.

Tahiti was originally settled by Polynesians and was annexed by France in 1880, where Tahitians are French citizens.        french-polynesia

Tellus Education Group has been successfully providing educational services since 2003, and through its Meridian School of English since 1979 in Plymouth and Portsmouth.

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Traditional French Polynesian dance called the Tamurei.

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