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City campaigners are launching a mayoral petition tomorrow morning at 11.45am, outside of the Council House in Plymouth.

The petition is calling on Plymouth City Council to call a referendum for a directly elected mayor, and a council leader voted by the people of Plymouth – instead of mainstream parties behind closed doors.

A special mayoral pod will be visiting the areas across the city early next month, where campaigners are looking to raise 10,000 signatures over the next 2 months.

Mayoral coordinator, Kevin Kelway, said: “A petition must be raised and signed by 5% of local electors that are included in the city’s current Register of Electors, and looking to generate signatures to create a mayoral referendum for voters to decide how we are governed locally next May 2015.”

Henry Hutchins, chief executive of Clever Student Lets, said: “We have had the same old, same old for the last 100 years in Plymouth and I’m supporting the campaign for an elected mayor in Plymouth.”

Independent city councillor, Alison Casey, said: “Elected mayors wield soft power to create rainbow cabinets that can embrace all opposition councillors and opponents – and bring continuity in decision making at the council.”

Neil Pick, chief executive of Tellus Group, added: “Elected mayors will make a priority in delivery of services, strategic and policy directives, which is very important for the business community, and effectively leader of the council and elected by the public.”

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