By WILLIAM TELFORD, Business Editor, Herald

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MENU: The Dolphin House Brazzerie is offering crocodile, zebra and ostrich meats


Plymouth’s The Dolphin House Brazzerie may just have become the city’s most unusual restaurant by featuring a menu containing zebra, ostrich and an entire selection of Romanian dishes.


 The exotic meats on offer include zebra, crocodile, ostrich, wild boar (below) and kangaroo.

 But not, dolphin.

“Crocodile is very popular,” Mr Nash said. “So is wild boar. Crocodile is tender meat, it tastes like chicken or fish. Kangaroo (below) and zebra are like beef. No one will be doing anything like this in Plymouth.”

The Romanian chef, one of three chefs at the diner, and a Romanian menu – which includes a lot of soups, beef, pastrami, mini kebabs and even tripe – is also proving to be “very popular”, Mr Nash said.

But other international delicacies are being offered too.

“We simplified the menu, it was fine dining before,” said Mr Nash (below, second from the left, with staff members). “We are trying to keep to that level but bring in a new menu, and international menu.

 “Plymouth is very international now, very cultural, the university has expanded and is bringing in students from all over the world.

“We also want to attract a lot of tourists to this area.


“And we’re looking to work with an amateur production company to act out murder-mystery events, and poetry and cultural activities.

“We also want to have an over-50s singles night, and dog-friendly Sundays, bring a pet.”


The murder-mystery events will be scripted by Plymouth writer Roya Rafati (above, far left, with Mr Nash and other staff members), who is also Iranian by birth.

She said: “British people love murder-mysteries. I’ll use the staff and amateur actors. I’m writing a book called Murder in the Marina and will probably do a scene from that. We’re going to do a masquerade night too.”

Mr Nash (below) came to the UK 10 years ago, originally to study film making.


He has been involved with the BBC, Plymouth Arts Centre and an online Persian radio station.

“My family work in the catering business, but I never wanted to go into the industry,” he said. “But life changes and I’m now manager here.

“I was looking to have a restaurant and searched the market, this has a great name and a great location and was on offer.

He said the restaurant’s owners had decided to move on giving him the opportunity to take on a thriving business.

“I will keep the name, it’s well known and popular, but decided to change the menu, team and chefs,” he said. “And we will keep the environment.”

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