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Kevin Kelway, International Public Relations Specialist shares his essential TOP 10 TIPS:


This year, I’m celebrating running my own independent PR agency for the last 6 years – I’d like to share a few essential birthday tips on how to be a success in the global Public Relations market place.



I hear over and over again through networking and conversations with businesses, clients, and especially prospects through International Trade Matters:

  • What is PR?
  • What is the main tool-kit for creating PR?
  • How do you maximise digital marketing?

Any good PR agency, just like specialists at International Trade Matters needs to know your business and the sector you are in. Part of the process is planning, insights, and creating a direction of travel for international PR and marketing perspectives in UK and overseas markets.

The success of International Trade Matters is having a specialist team that works together, and very much the same pre-requisite exists in PR and working with clients and partners.

  • Creativity
  • Research
  • Good data and valuating PR and marketing
  • Local knowledge, and especially localised PR
  • International PR tailored for local needs and markets
  • Consistent PR strategy
  • Creating local media tool-kits
  • In-house or outsourced – being part of the clients’ business and branding
  • Yes, an extension of the internal team
  • As an independent agency, working as a specialist with International Trade Matters we work with media outlets across the globe.

The secret of great PR is being hands-on, having that entrepreneurial flair, drive, ambition, easy to change the needs of the client in dynamic campaigns that is bespoke to any size of business.

Our secret is localised PR in any country – what’s yours?



Kevin Kelway is International PR specialist for International Trade Matters and Director of Dorcas Media

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