This week, Kevin Kelway, Director ofDorcas Media, a PR specialist working in the study travel industry, provides a few hints to agents for promoting their businesses.  The Power of PR Brand Love

“Some companies delegate the responsibility of publicity to an individual, or a team to look after PR branding, once they have sorted out key marketing messages.

Others take the next step and outsource PR to specialist media organisations like ourselves Dorcas Media — and work in tune with a company’s objectives like Tellus Group/Meridian School of English have done.

PR is the essential component that promotes your business in traditional media like magazines, newspapers, TV and radio, but also social media communications and micro community activities from posters to advertising.

Case study features are a crucial tool-kit to promote your business where decision makers, policy makers, rivals, students, can see the quality of the services you are providing – especially quirky news items that make great news releases.

Some entrepreneurs have a built-in skill to take advantage of PR opportunities to create media attention, but others will require the journalistic and PR expertise of professionals to give them a PR planner and brand love to promote your business.

Make sure your stories are compelling and interesting, which is why you started a company in the first place, right?

Also look at opportunities in working editorially and advertorially with international publications like Study Travel Magazine and developing long-term media relationships that are crucial.

Here are five easy tips for promoting your business without splashing out on vast amounts of money:

1. Nominate your business for awards and community achievements. That gives you great PR material and copy. All over the world chambers of commerce and newspapers run award ceremonies – nominate your business, it’s great PR exposure.

2. Write an elevator press release, but not over wordy with the full story in the first sentence. The easier you write it, the more likely the press will report on it. Case study features and end-of-news bulletin items that are quirky always grab a headline.

3. Be the business expert. It’s all about positioning yourself as that expert in your business field and whatever stories a journalist is writing on; a great quote from you could slip into the story. Piggy-backing on local, national and international stories are always great PR tips.

4. Understand the media deadlines. Plan stories and events that can work to photographer and broadcast planning diaries to promote your business. A ‘call-to-arms’ media release, holding debates and supporting charitable causes are great opportunities to promote your brand.

5. Be persistent about selling your business, and always think about being innovative and outside of the box. Simple reminder notes to journalists never hurt anyone. A story on Monday morning may be ignored, but by Friday could be on the editorial to-do list.

Evaluating and measuring your PR connection is very important from advertising, online communications, sponsorships and news releases. Your PR ‘brand loving’ calendar can always be fine-tuned.

Growth stories, creating jobs, expanding numbers of students, export stories, inviting dignitaries to visit your business always generate great PR photo opportunities.

The power of PR has never been greater for your brand love.”

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