IMG_1077Some artists use oil paint, watercolours and other traditional materials – but 45-year-old Devon artist Rafael (Raf) uses spray-paints.

His inspiration is the outdoors of Dartmoor and a mobile van studio. But astronomical art of space and the universe are his artistic spiritual guides.

Raf is creating his own art movement and emerging the countryside around him with the exploration of deeper space and the universe.

Dorcas Media interviewed him at his mobile studio near one of the many water leats that criss-cross around the moors. And his only company are the sheep, horses, and his 8-year-old dog Shiva.

Some painters consider themselves Space Artists and use more than illustration to make a statement. But Raf creates works of art that helps you visualise our universe and especially the scenery that gives him the inspiration to paint, he says.

Raf spray-painted a piece of art in just 80 minutes while we were chatting. His talents and creativity inspire high-energy and talks more about his works.

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