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19-year-old Jeremie Barras


SWISS student 19-year-old Jeremie Barras, from the South West of Switzerland says – he jumped at the opportunity to spend over two months in the UK to improve his English language skills.

“Most of my friends think it is important to learn English, and I have been at the Meridian School of English in Portsmouth over the last eight weeks studying the vocabulary, and discovering more about this amazing waterfront city.”

“I was told that learning the English language looks good on my CV, but my stay in Portsmouth has broadened my horizons, and especially my love of British culture.”

“I’m looking for a career in finance and accountancy and I’m good with numbers, and looking to study a Masters Degree when I go back to Switzerland.”

“I have enjoyed my time studying in Portsmouth, and I’m a big fan of UK political dramas, and good life stories.”

Tellus Education Group has been successfully providing quality educational services since 2003, and through its Meridian School of English since 1979.

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