Recent article feature in the Plymouth Herald where the Rockhoppas was first serialised in 2011 and 2012

They are back – though they’ve never been awayEpisode One

They are back – though they’ve never been away – Episode Two

They are back – thought they’ve never been away – Episode Three

They are back – though they never went away – Meet the Characters

WELCOME to my six part series of the Rockhoppas that starts from the South Atlantic and features well known characters that was first serialised in the Evening Herald in 2011, followed by a Children’s Book.

Kevin Kelway, writer and presenter of the new series, said: “The characters are from a community I grew up with on Plymouth’s Barbican from the late 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s.

The story features characters such as Posh Aunt Edna, Queen Alicia, Lord Pip, Nelly Rocket, Lady Agnes, Ebeneezer the Movie Star, The Pink Fairy Penguin, Fingers, Angie the Chocolate Mermaid, Juanita the Rat, Constable Blubber, Mr G the Cat, and featuring the Drokes and many more.

Written, presented by Kevin Kelway, and illustrations by Stuart McGhee.

All copyright owned by Kevin Kelway, BCAc.

You can still purchase a copy of the book: The Adventures Of Larry The Pirate at the online gift store:

DORCAS BREAKING NEWS: The Rockhoppas the homecoming, episodes one & two, now on our website