Tellus Group pilots German “business dice” invention


By WILLIAM TELFORD, Business Editor / Plymouth Herald

 A PLYMOUTH language school has been piloting Business Dice, designed to help bosses practise the business skills of presenting, small talk, meetings, telephoning and negotiating in another tongue.The cube was designed by James Parsons (left), who runs the English language school ICC Sprachinstitut in Leipzig, Germany, and is an EU partner with Mutley-based Tellus Educational Group, together with British entrepreneur Richard Sinclair.

Neil Pick, chief executive of Tellus Educational Group, said: “The Business Dice was a great device for mature students in supporting their efforts to learn English, and was quite popular.”

Mr Parsons said: “Tellus Educational group are the first to use the Business Dice in the UK to support English learning, and we are pleased with the results so far, and looking to market the device across Europe.”

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