@audaxsolutions are showcasing at London’s Olympia Security Counter Terror Expo this week – and made homemade biscuits to show the sweet success of its new Bio-AX camera, said director of Audax, Adam Liardet.

Mr Liardet, said: “Audax has made something a little different available on our  EXPO stand? We’ve made some homemade biscuits showing our new Bio-AX camera, and the assistance provided by the EU under the H2020 Project.”

“We are looking forward to international visitors coming to look and digest the specifications and concept of our world beating body worn camera.”

Audax is a company at the forefront of fully mobile, digital evidence gathering technology which focuses on the delivery and development of mobile digital evidence gathering products and services.

Audax work in partnership with the Police, Emergency Services and Security Industry to provide plug and play mobile solutions that meet “evidence secure” technology requirements.


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