Kevin Kelway, Director of Dorcas Media, PR Specialist at International Trade Matters

International Trade Matters (ITM) is looking to organise a South West Trade Mission to the Rock in November 2019, and being coordinated by International PR Specialist Kevin Kelway.

Mr Kelway, said: “The Rock is a vibrant, strong, and diverse economy with a highly skilled workforce, and an ideal partner working with South West businesses.”

“Many companies in Plymouth and the South West region don’t know what Gibraltar can offer, and our goal at International Trade Matters is to help spread the word, and organise a trade mission to the Rock in November 2019,” he said.

International Trade Matters (ITM) supports businesses to develop trading opportunities, analysing new markets, organising trade missions like the one we are planning to Gibraltar, and making introductions.

(ITM) is based in Devon with international specialists that provides expertise in Market Research, Strategic Development, Agents and Distributors, global PR and Marketing, Regional and Industry specific guidance.



Kevin Kelway, runs his own independent PR agency based in Plymouth and works with partners across the globe. He recently helped coordinate a Trade Mission to Russia with Linda Middleton-Jones of (ITM) to Novorossiysk.



Mr Kelway, said: “Back in the late 1990s and early millennium two campaigns were launched in the South West of England to support our relationship with the people of Gibraltar.”

“The first was raising 30,000 signatures on the streets of Plymouth in ‘Keeping the Rock British’ that was handed into the Queen at Buckingham Palace when the Blair government was talking about joint sovereignty of the Rock at the time.”

“Thirty Plymouth campaigners went to London on a specially decorated battle bus, and we handed in the petition to 10 Downing Street also.”

“The highlight of our day was having tea at the Gibraltar Representative’s office in central London, and meeting a delegation of the all-party Gibraltar Group of MPs,” he said.

“The other successful fight was leading the campaign to link up Gibraltar to the South West Euro Constituency and raising 5,000 signatures of support that was presented to the Electoral Commission in 2001.”

“I was very proud that we fought off competition from London and the South West is the nearest geographical link to the British territory.”

“My proudest moment was being handed a plaque in London by Albert Poggio MBE, and being made an honorary Gibraltarian.”

“The loss of the Euro constituency brings me back to the Rock in my business suit and hat.

It is important to note how important our extraordinary links to Gibraltar really is and the similarities of Plymouth and Gibraltar being waterfront cities,” said Mr Kelway.

Kevin Kelway is visiting Gibraltar next week from 20th to 23 June and meeting business leaders at the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce, and Sir Joe Bossano, Government Minister for Economic Development, and Telecommunications – to discuss a South West Trade Mission to Gibraltar in November 2019, that will include many business and educational sectors.


Anyone looking for more information can email Kevin at: or visit the (ITM) web portal:






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