Should we have an elected mayor?

ONLY a handful of cities across the UK have such a directly elected mayor, but prime examples of the role working can be seen in Torbay, Leicester, and London.

There are some strong principles that lie behind a directly elected mayor, and we think makes a better way of running the far South west’s biggest city.

We believe that having someone who has been elected by the people of Plymouth, and who is then clearly accountable for the decisions made by the council – must be a step forward.

Having a directly elected mayor with a clear manifesto and being held to account for the delivery of the pledges is democracy in action.

Having fixed terms, gives stability that allows strategic decisions to be made, and the Labour Mayor of Leicester goes out in all communities listening to the people of the city, hearing peoples’ hope and ambitions, and working with large and small businesses, educational, and voluntary sectors to input their views.

But, most importantly, listening to the people of the city.

Next May is the national, and local elections, and what an ideal opportunity for the people of Plymouth to look again – at deciding what type of local government they’d like to lead our waterfront city for the rest of the 21st Century.



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