The Editor of the Portsmouth News Mark Waldron visited the Meridian School of English on a whistle-stop tour of its Town Hall classrooms recently.Mr Waldron wanted to see for himself what the English education provider is delivering in the city. The Portsmouth News Editor met some of the international students, team members, and the Chief Executive Neil Pick of the parent company Tellus Group.

Mark Waldron, said: “I was very impressed at what the Meridian School of English are delivering in Portsmouth. And to learn more about the Tellus Group and its future ambitions in the city.”

Neil Pick, CEO of Tellus Group, added: “We very pleased Mark took time out of his busy schedule to pop in and meet some of our international students and the team in Portsmouth, who are doing a fantastic job, and adding real value to the Portsmouth economy.”

Picture left to right: Mark Waldron, Editor of the Portsmouth News, and Neil Pick, Chief Executive of the Tellus Group/Meridian School of English.


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