As part of Maritime Week @PlymCatte organised a boat tour around the city’s maritime commercial heart for local residents, business leaders, and city dignitaries to showcase Plymouth’s global role, and the part it plays for the wider South West and UK economy.

CEO Richard Allan presenting to nearly 40 invited guests

CEO Harbour Master Richard Allan talked about Plymouth’s global role, the growing development of the maritime sector in Plymouth, and the part the city plays in supporting the wider South West region and economy.

Kevin Kelway, Media Director of Dorcas Media, and Ian Fleming Sales Director, joined the group of 40 guests on the port tour of Plymouth’s waterfront.

British ports create over 125,000 jobs British and add £10.8 Billion to the UK economy
For every job in the ports industry, 6.35 more are supported in the wider economy
Over £1.2 billion of investments in UK ports in 2021
Over £1.9 billion in revenue to HM Exchequer
Plymouth’s maritime sector is growing over the next few years

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