THE MAYOR of Novorossiysk Igor Dyachenko met a South West business delegation visiting the city on a four-day trade mission.

The visit was organised by Devon-based International Trade Matters in association with the Novorossiysk Chamber of Commerce. The Black Sea port of Novorossiysk has been associated with Plymouth since 1956, and was formally linked in a twinning arrangement in 1990.

Mr Dyachenko, said: “It’s with great pleasure to meet business leaders from the UK and especially from our twinning city in Plymouth. We are especially pleased to further develop our business, educational, and cultural links with the South West.”



The high-profile meeting at the City Hall in Novorossiysk was featured on Russian TV where the Mayor gave a gift for the Lord Mayor of Plymouth that will be personally delivered by Linda Middleton-Jones, managing director of International Trade Matters, and director of the Plymouth & Devon Chamber of Commerce.


Linda Middleton-Jones receiving a book gift for the city of Plymouth celebrating Novorossiysk’s ‘Hero City’ status by the Russian government – for its heroic role in fighting the Nazis in the Second World War – from the city mayor Mr Igor Dyachenko.

Miss Middle-Jones, said: “The visit has been extremely successful with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Novorossiysk Chamber of Commerce in future collaboration working with the Devon Chamber of Commerce,” she said.

Mr Igor Zharinov, President of the Novorossiysk Chamber of Commerce, said: “We are very pleased the Plymouth and South West delegation visited Novorossiysk. But especially the signing of our (MOU) agreement with the Devon Chamber of Commerce.”

“We are looking to develop our long-term business, cultural, educational, and mutual exchange partnerships between our regions,” said Mr Zharinov.

The South West business group outside of the town hall in Novorossiysk.

The group also visited the Pyategorsk Language College, Moscow College of Humanities and Economics, the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, and one-to-one meetings with local business leaders to discuss business export opportunities.

Clever Student Lets, New Wave Wave Marine, Suzanne Sparrow English Language School, Tors Vodka, Owen Barry, City College Plymouth, Dorcas Media, International Trade Matters is some of the South West companies looking to do business in Russia.


Devon Chamber member, Kevin Kelway, media director at Dorcas Media, and coordinating the visit on behalf of International Trade Matters, said: “Already, some major export opportunities from waste management, English language learning, student exchange programmes, food and drink, tourism opportunities have come out of the visit.”


Miss Linda Middleton-Jones being interviewed on Russian TV, added: “It was a very positive visit and massive optimism in taking our relationships forward. We felt a real bonding in working with the South West region from the city of Novorossiysk, and we’re keen to grow this region-to-region relationship going forward,” she said.




Pictures:    Novorossiysk City Hall


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