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artworks 3

 LOGO: The Artworks 3 image

An online portal will be launched in September 2016 featuring Plymouth artists and creatives in a bid to highlight the talent working in the city.

Animator Abigail White and graphic designer Mark ‘Van’ Pritchard are behind the Artworks 3 initiative, and have enlisted the admin and marketing support of Plymouth University student Leanne Chattell.


THE ARTWORKS THREE: Abigail White, Van Pritchard and Leanne Chattell

It’s also something of a family affair, with Abigail’s mother Lesley Robinson, a consultant trainer, and 17-year-old sister Rosie Robinson, involved too.

“That’s where the Artworks 3 name comes from,” said Abigail.


CARTOON NETWORK: Some of Van Pritchard’s work


Every six weeks the website will highlight a different artist, with a gallery of the person’s work.

The idea is to promote city talent, free of charge, with the website generating income for its founders by promoting their businesses and services, and lead to commissions and bookings for workshops.


ART ATTACK: A design by Van Pritchard


But the team are also keen to stress Plymouth is full of talented artists and creatives, often struggling for recognition.

That’s not just painters, but photographers, dancers, creative writers, musicians, DJs, digital artist, in fact, anyone creative.


ANIMATION: An movie created by Van Pritchard and Abigail White for Dorcas Media Limited


The first artist to be featured will be Plymouth-based Jay Lewis.

Abigail said: “I wanted to develop a company that is accessible to all sorts of artists and creative, an online website with a featured artist every six weeks.


SMALL FACES: Original images by Van Pritchard which later became an animated film


“It will be based in Plymouth but actually be national and international, featuring an online gallery, with links to forums, and bookings for taster sessions such as my animation workshops.

“And we want to inspire amateurs as well as professionals, and to encourage collaboration.”


PICTURE PERFECT: One of Abigail White’s paintings


She added: “I think Plymouth has potential because it’s a student city and has so much talent.”

Van, who has extensive graphic design experience including a five-year stint working in Spain, has his own Plymouth-based company: Lamplight Image Solutions.


MANY HANDS: Drawings by Abigail White


He said Artworks 3 could spin off into selling featured artists’ work at music festivals, taking a commission on sales.

He called the arrangement “a mutual collective”.


EYE CONTACT: A poster created by Abigail White


There are also moves to sell Artworks 3 branded merchandise.

“We are from Plymouth and proud of Plymouth,” Van said. “Just because it’s an industrial town doesn’t mean we can’t have art. And it’s a massive market, to ignore it is folly.”


POSTER POWER: Another Abigail White creation

Abigail said: “We have a list if artists but want to hear from others that want to be part of this.”

TEAM: Leanne Chattell, Van Pritchard and Abigail White


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