2000-01-01 00.00.31-1WHEN it comes to family-owned businesses, fathers and sons have long been considered the classic entrepreneurial team.

But Plymouth over the last decade has seen an explosive growth of women-owned firms, and especially a new breed of entrepreneurs: mothers and daughters in business.

Mother and daughter team Lesley Robinson and Abigail White are launching Artworks 3.

A new animation and arts studio at Plymouth’s HQ building in Union Street, together with a new global online arts gallery portal – to attract artists from around the world, said Miss Robinson.

“We have actors, animators, photographers, musicians, and artists from all over the place coming to celebrate our launch on the 31 March, at 5:30pm.”

2000-01-01 00.00.34“Our studio and online galleries will be looking to expose local artists on the international scene, and we already have a list of 20 artists already booked to showcase online, and we are adamant our new start-up business is all about fun in business,” she said.





Miss Abigail White, said: “We will be running 12 week courses in animation and starting next month including; pre-production, production and post production from story boarding, producing, editing, software, and all on a one-to-one basis.”

“Our workshops will cater for 6-8 people only, with tailor-made tuition for each of our clients to allow time to develop practical skills and knowledge – unlike bigger classes at a college.”

“We are looking for other professionals to run workshops in our studio from drama, writing techniques, music, model making, special effects, and much more,” said Miss White.





At the launch will be show reel presentations, art exhibitions, music, food and canapés prepared by international food expert Edmond Davari.

Miss Robinson, added: “Many artists are precious about their works and have a problem about making money which is wrong, and our new global venture is hoping to change hearts and minds that making a profit-is not a dirty art form.”

“Women have proven themselves in the work environment and daughters are seeing from their mothers that you can have it all.”


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“We don’t have disagreements and they are long past during the teenage years, my daughter is my business partner and we respect each other,” said Miss Robinson.

oliver-colvile-mp-thumbs-up3City MP Oliver Colvile will be attending and cutting a ribbon with other invited guests.


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