Picture left to right: Carole Worrall, Martin Worrall, and Penny Tarrant


FED-UP residents’ on the Hoe living under a cloud of uncertainty over controversial plans to demolish Peirson House for a seven-storey apartment block – in a designated Conservation Area – have served legal papers on Plymouth City Council to scupper plans by London based developer Devcor.

The Hoe Residents’ Association served legal notice on Plymouth City Council last week over irregularities in the planning processes – with full planning permission granted on the 4th November, whilst Council bosses were still investigating a formal complaint by Hoe residents’, said chairman Martin Worrall.

Mr Worrall, said: “Council official Paul Barnard, in a letter to the Hoe Residents Association said he was unable to complete his investigation into the complaint due to information he needed from the highways officer, who was on leave. However, the absence of the highway officer’s input did not stop Mr Barnard’s department granting planning permission in the meantime.”

Serious questions need to be answered by the city council including:

Why did council bosses not defer the granting of planning permission until our investigation was completed?

 Why is planning policy being relaxed and disregarded in the Hoe Conservation area?


Mr Worrall, added: “Plymouth City Council have left local residents’ no choice but to take our battle to the High Court.”

“The Hoe Residents’ Association, was formed in 1977, and we see it as our duty to continue fighting this battle to stop the Hoe being overdeveloped. The Peirson scheme would be used as a precedent for developers to exploit other sites in the Hoe and other Conservation Areas.”

“At a time when there is great pressure to provide for new housing within the city, it is also important to ensure that the mistakes of the post war building boom, that gave us the Quality Hotel and Opal Villas, are not repeated.”

“We are campaigning for new developments to add to the existing communities and not blight existing residents’ rights. Planning policy is being relaxed to enable this building boom but, as is the case here, should not be completely disregarded.”

“We want to work with developers and the city council in partnership, and expect due processes to be carried out properly – involving the local community,” said Mr Worrall.





Pictures: Proposed new development at Peirson House

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