The chief executive of Clever Student Lets, Henry Hutchins, has been recognised after taking part in one of the world’s most exclusive business courses – run by Goldman Sachs to help rapidly expanding companies.

69-year-old, Mr Hutchins, said: “I was flattered to be invited to join the Goldman Sachs fast growth programme for companies with a turnover of a least £1.5 million, and showing immense promise in the UK market place.”

“The programme was mind-blowing, and without doubt the finest course available to growth companies and those that want to build on them,” he said.

Goldman Sachs is one of the world’s biggest finance companies, which runs the 10,000 Small Business Programme, and is a US-headquartered global investment banking Goliath, engaged in investment management, securities and other financial services.

Mr Hutchins, boss of the biggest student lettings agency in the West of Britain, spent one week each at seminars at Leeds University’s business school, Aston University in Birmingham, and the University of Oxford’s prestigious Business School.

“I was taught by experts, and was invited on the course because Clever Student Lets business activities were being monitored by Goldman Sachs.”

“Goldman Sachs believes small business entrepreneurs are not given the back-up and support they need to build their businesses, so they want to give those firms more training.”

“I was assigned a personal mentor, and the course covered a wide range of topics including growth curves, profit-and-loss accounts, marketing, leadership, employment law, pricing and sales.”

“From the Goldman Sachs course I acted on many of the things I learned, and added over £460,000 to our business turnover, and an increase of 34 per cent on our margins. I would highly recommend the course and more valuable than doing an MBA,” he said.




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