2015-04-06 16.51.26A group of Romanian Primary School Teachers has spent the last two weeks at the Meridian School of English based at the historic town hall in Portsmouth – learning new skills in teaching methodologies including IT and media aids.

The teachers come from Iasi, which is the largest city in eastern Romania, and located in the Moldava region, and one of the country’s leading learning centres in social, cultural, academic and artistic life, said Nicoleta Dariescu.

52-year-old, Mrs Dariescu, leader of the group, said: “We are all Primary School Teachers and come to England to learn English, but also develop our IT and PC skills in our lesson plans to help further our curriculum objectives.”

42-year-old, Mrs Raluca Mocanu, said: “One of my favourite tasks of the last two weeks have been the storyboards, creating and learning to film videos in the classroom, and how to develop the optimum development of our 6 to 11year olds.”

I totally agree, said 42-year-old Mrs Pinzariu Petronela: “We are in an amazing and privileged position to shape the minds of our young Romanian students, and developing new ways to encourage, challenge, and inspire our pupils through new teaching aids we’ve learned at Meridian.”

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40-year-old, Petronela Doina-Cosug, added: “We are going back to Romania with new skills that will further develop our awareness of technology in the classroom, and hopefully make differences and deepen the knowledge and understanding of our pupils.”

Tellus Education Group has been successfully providing educational services since 2003, and through it Meridian School of English in Portsmouth and Plymouth since 1979.









The city of Iasi, largest city in eastern Romania

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