THE UK’s reputation for English language learning is driving more students from the Far East to study at the Meridian Schools of English in Plymouth and Portsmouth.

23-year-old, Voranida Rujekitnara from Bangkok, decided to book her own English learning programme with Meridian School of English after researching the company online, but especially word of mouth from her friends in Thailand.

Miss Rujekitnara, said: “This is my first time abroad and I was very nervous, and it was important to find the right place to improve my English language skills, but feel safe also.”

“I’m doing a six month intensive English language course in Plymouth and will move onto London for two years and study a Masters Degree in Fashion & Technology.”

“London is the heart of fashion and setting new innovation standards for the trendy and style-savvy, and many of my friends want to get into the fashion industry.”

“Plymouth is a beautiful place and a great place to work on my English learning abilities, and the team at Meridian are marvellous in supporting me along my journey.”

“My ambition is to work with other designers, understand textiles like silk, cotton, and the workmanship behind it.”

“I want to nurture my talent – so I can eventually set up my own fashion house.”

Neil Pick, chief executive of Tellus Education Group, said: “The international education programmes we deliver do more than advance cultural and language enrichment.

“They are an economic boon to our cities in Plymouth and Portsmouth, and especially communities that host our students and local companies that benefit from work placement opportunities, and especially improving our students job competitiveness.”

“The English language education sector is worth £billions to the British economy annually, and all students pay their own way or their families do.”

Tellus Education Group has been providing educational services since 2003, and through Meridian School of English since 1979, and the British Council accredits its English learning programmes.

Anyone looking for more information about our courses can contact: www.tellusgroup.com


Picture: 23-year-old Voranida Rujekitnara, from Bangkok

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