The Devon Chamber has changed the traditional format locally, so the process will be easier and online (only) nominations to independent judging panels, with no black tie dinner, and all winners will be announced on the Chamber portal, said George Cowcher, the chief executive of the Devon Chamber.

Thousands of businesses across Devon of all sizes and sectors can compete for the coveted titles, and go on to receive national recognition – at the British Chambers of Commerce Awards in London next year that will still hold the traditional black tie dinner, and ceremony awards, said Mr Cowcher.

“We are changing the format of our awards, the categories, and entry forms that will align to the national BCC Awards.”

“The Devon Chamber Awards will be done online and the judging panel will be independent business leaders,” he said.





Devon Chamber of Commerce Awards 2018 categories include:

As the accredited Chamber of Commerce for Devon, winners of the 2018 awards and potentially those that were shortlisted will be invited to enter the British Chamber of Commerce awards, providing the opportunity to be recognised on a national level.

The timetable is as follows:

  • Applications deadline is 16 February 2018
  • Judging Panel will sit and decide so that results are announced on 30 March 2018
  • Winners’ application forms will be forwarded to BCC for 27 April 2018.

Anyone looking to enter can start nominating  now:  http://chamber.wearekonstruct.co.uk/ChamberAwards/?home=8



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