OVER 50 invited guests attended the official launch of Artworks 3, featuring new online international exhibition galleries, and studio at the HQ Centre in Union Street, Plymouth – to showcase local artists on the global stage.

Mother and daughter team Lesley Robinson and Abigail White are behind the Artwork 3 initiative, and looking to promote city talent across the world on a new web portal, said Miss Robinson.

“We are really proud that so many artists from across Plymouth and the South West region attended our launch.”

“Artworks 3, already have a list of 20 artists booked to promote their works on our international web galleries that will change every six weeks to highlight a different artist, with a showcase of their works,” she said.

Miss White, said: “We have received messages of support for our new company from artists across Europe – and very excited about our new international venture.”

“We will also be delivering 12 week workshops on animation; pre production, production, and post production, and unlike college courses is on a one-to-one basic for small groups of 6-8 people.”

“Artworks 3 is not just for painters and animators, but photographers, dancers, actors, creative writers, musicians, in fact, anyone who is creative,” she said.

The launch included show reels of works by Artworks 3, food and refreshments prepared by international food expert Edmond Davari, and music played by Julian Isaacs and John Cordy.

Meanwhile, the real and reclusive city artist Mister Horsehead has gained the political support of local MP Oliver Colvile who joined other supporters on camera for a picture opportunity at the Artworks 3 launch.

Taking the horse heads is no April fool’s joke and I work with tons of horse poop in my exhibitions, and many of my peers and some in the local arts establishment disapprove, said Mr Horsehead.

City councillor Chaz Singh giving his seal of approval to the Artworks 3 launch with some Mister Horsehead lookalikes.

Mr Horsehead, added: “I’m a Plymouth artist, and will never reveal my true identity,” he said.

Do you know who Mister Horsehead could be?

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