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The Leipzig delegation on a visit to the Tellus Education Group offices at Mutley Plain.

In the picture left to right: Mario Wermuth from Inbooma, James Parsons, ICC Sprachinstitut, Andrew Knott, Tellus, Neil Pick, Tellus, and Helen Stoehr, Invest Region Leipzig




James Parsons, director of ICC Sprachinstitut



Neil Pick, chairman of Tellus Education Group




TELLUS EDUCATION GROUP in Plymouth has signed a deal worth €650,000 Euros with ICC Sprachinstitut based in Leipzig. Both companies are English language providers and plan to do vocational work placements in Leipzig by 2020.

Neil Pick, chairman of Tellus Education Group, said: “This agreement is potentially worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to our local economies in Plymouth and Leipzig. And a boost to a new business partnership being created with the city of Leipzig.”

A recent delegation of business leaders from Germany visited the West Country to boost trading opportunities and spent three days in Plymouth visiting local businesses, meeting local political leaders, and attending the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce Business Show at the Pavilions.

James Parsons, director of ICC Sprachinstitut, said: “This agreement with Tellus Education Group is a great connection and opportunity that’s come out of the show. I wish to thank Dorcas Media and the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce for organising and supporting our recent visit to the South West. And I’m quite sure other partnerships and business deals will follow from our visit to Devon.”

Tellus Education Group has been successfully providing quality educational services since 2003, and through Meridian School of English since 1979.

James Parsons, set up ICC Sprachinstitut Language Institute, over 20 year ago with a team of 70 employees, and one of the most successful English language providers in Germany.


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