Award-winning creative & digital enterprise Dorcas Media based in Plymouth is celebrating 11 years in business. A PR boutique agency skilled in a handful of key sectors & founded in 2013 by partners Kevin Kelway & Ian Fleming, and we’re open for new business and clients.

Award-winning couple Kevin Kelway and Ian Fleming

Dorcas Media provides an integrated offering of PR, digital marketing, film & video content, live-streaming, graphic design, and secured many awards for our services and clients.

Founded in 2013 by partners, Kevin Kelway, and Ian Fleming, the company started as a PR agency working with overseas language providers and Marketing Coaching across the EU.

Director, Kevin Kelway, said: “At our core, we are storytellers in every element of the business – from stories we shout to the world about for our clients through PR and digital marketing, to the narratives we put together through our award winning campaigns–it all comes down to being able to spot and tell a good story,” he said.

Dorcas Media secures Gold from the MOD’s (ERS) Scheme

Dorcas Media is an award-winning Gold recognised agency working with the UK’s Armed Forces community. Armed Forces Covenant signee. Devon Business Champion, UK Prestige PR winner, Local Business Awards winner.

Kevin Kelway awarded the British Citizen Award at the House of Lords in Jan 2023

Kevin was proud to receive the British Citizen Award in 2023 for his community campaigning.

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DORCAS BREAKING NEWS: The Rockhoppas the homecoming, episodes one & two, now on our website