logo2Dorcas Media will be attending Europe’s top international security event at Olympia tomorrow with our client Audax Global Solutions – who are exhibiting at the exhibition.


The team at Audax will be displaying their body worn video cameras, and introducing the ‘BIO-AX’ technology for which they recently secured over 772,000 euros from the EU to develop high-tech body worn security cameras and scanners.



Kevin Kelway, director of Dorcas Media, said: “We’ll be online throughout the day broadcasting live streams with the Audax team, and interviewing VIP guests visiting their stand. A number of international companies are exhibiting at the the UK’s top security showcase in London.”

“Dorcas Media recently secured the role of an EU Coaching and PR Expert by Brussels to work with companies across Europe in supporting projects, organisations, and companies with their marketing, PR and media plans, and proud to be coaching with Plymouth based Audax Global Solutions who work across the EU and globe.”


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