PLYMOUTH-based student accommodation provider Clever Student Lets is looking to expand across the UK.

Entrepreneur and CSL chief executive Henry Hutchins said his business is working with an Australian group and considering moving into cities such as Swansea, Birmingham, Portsmouth, London, and “five others”.

Mr Hutchins said: “We’re working with investors and property developers to bring our leading brand of services to nine other UK cities.

“Our expansion plans will include revamping accommodation blocks, and improving the student experience UK and overseas students take for granted in Plymouth.

“We’ve transformed parts of the centre of Plymouth and are ploughing millions of pounds into revamping buildings like Tamar House, at St Andrew’s Cross,” he added. “We’re bringing a ‘new deal’ for city students in the accommodation and services we provide, and a vibrancy in the city centre, and looking to do the same across the UK.”

Construction at Tamar House started six months ago. The first phase, comprising three floors, is due for completion this month.

On the opposite side of St Andrew’s Cross, the Royal building has been bought by the same investment company and is also being transformed, in a £2million scheme, with upper floors becoming accommodation and commercial tenants, such as Buffet City, on the ground floor.

Once completed, the flats will be managed by North Hill-based CSL, which is looking at doubling its accommodation portfolio in the next few years.

Mr Hutchins said: “We are excited about our UK expansion plans, and looking to grow in Far East Asia also.

“After the General Election whichever party wins, we’re keen to organise a meeting with the new Home Secretary to sort out the situation of international students being taken out of immigration figures.

“International students, while learning in the UK, add over £1billion to the economy every year. Recognising this sector is very important to ‘UK plc’.”


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