Clever Student Lets to increase accommodation capacity

UK-based student accommodation provider Clever Students Lets has announced plans to expand capacity in Plymouth, in order to meet growing demand from international students looking to study in the South West area.

Photo: An artist’s impression of one of the planned Clever Lets student residence developments in Plymouth
The company is planning to build 2,000 rooms in Plymouth over the next three years, including 42 two-bedroom apartments set to open in January 2015 and a 1,100-room residence on the Hoe waterfront area of the city slated for 2017.

Henry Hutchins, Director of Clever Student Lets, said the expansions plans were part of a wider student property boom in the region. “The South West is seeing serious investment being planned and coming through, with more apartment blocks of student accommodation to cater for the growing numbers of students demanding high-quality education from China and energy-rich Eastern Europe and the Middle East.”

He added, “I am in talks with investors from Russia, USA, Monaco and Jersey, and I am planning a visit to China later in the year to meet agents and discuss the demands of parents and graduate students looking to secure top-class accommodation, which is a major decision maker in wanting to study in the UK.”

The South West is growing in popularity as a study travel destination, said Hutchins. “The student market is becoming very competitive, with universities vying with each other. One of the biggest reasons the South West is becoming so attractive to students is they feel safe.

“We are looking at a minimum of 2,000 rooms being built, which will dramatically alter the face of Plymouth, the far South West’s waterfront city.” In terms of student markets, he said he expects the biggest growth to come from Russia, Brazil and the ‘Stan’ nations, as well as China. He added, “We expect to let an extra 300 rooms to Chinese students next year.”

The company has also invested UK£110,000 (US$167,000) on a Mercedes shuttle vehicle to transport students from international students from London Heathrow Airport to Plymouth.

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