ONE of the South West’s most successful business leaders is calling for “Brexit’ and for David Cameron to stick to the facts and ‘stop the fear and scaremongering tactics’ to keep Britain in the EU.

Henry Hutchins the chief executive of nationally acclaimed Clever Student Lets says he’s speaking on behalf of the many hundreds of thousands SME businesses – who are the wealth creators of the economy.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the British nation – and we are sinking under the red tape and regulations coming out of Brussels over the last 40 years.

Its not all ‘milk and honey’ in the EU and we are spending billions every year on a Brussels machine we have little control over, and my accountant wouldn’t touch their financial accounts with a barge pole.

Many of today’s class of politicians have no faith in the skills, innovation, adaptability, and creativity of this ancient island nation, unlike British entrepreneurs and business leaders- who never lost that buccaneering and enterprising spirit – that made our country great.

From 1066 to 1973, we managed our own affairs – and its is perfectly possible to imagine a prosperous Britain outside of the EU, even if we do not negotiate special trade deals with Brussels.

Trade between the UK and important markets in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain  – would stay open -FACT. (These countries need the British market far more than we need them).

Independence day could be on 23rd June 2016, where the UK will once again negotiate its own trading deals and work with our Commonwealth partners again – instead of 28 EU members states working on prolonged messy trading deals that take forever to accomplish.

One of the biggest benefits of leaving the EU is rescinding the EU rules and regulations, controlling our borders, and especially our fishery grounds that was managed for over a thousand years before a tory government gave it away to Brussels – as part of the deal in joining, and wiped away our local fishing fleets, and most of all – Spanish and French trawlers that have nearly decimated our fishing stocks.

But far the biggest benefit is the saving of £9 billion a year we spend to invest in our competitors across the EU, that would help wipe away the British deficit.

The EU’s importance in the world is declining whatever the result of the referendum, and the troubled euro together with the flows of migrants – will eventually break this 40+ Euro political project that is run ‘by an elite for the elite’.

When the lights of Europe were switched off in September 1939, it was Great Britain that stood alone in Europe against the Nazi war machine.

It is not the EU that has kept the peace in Europe since 1945, but NATO, where countries from outside have helped keep the peace on the continent- until the Ukraine where the EU meddled in international affairs with disastrous consequences.

Those placing fear at the heart of this campaign to a younger generation who never experienced a country running its own affairs, and wanting to paint a picture of a struggling nation – should look at Canada, Australia, New Zealand who manage their own affairs.

We are the world’s fifth biggest economy, permanent member of the UN, a nuclear power, with STILL some of the strongest defences in the world, and will once again be the masters of our own global destiny if we vote to leave.

Clever Student Lets are Plymouth’s leading student letting company with a £10 million turnover business, and just launched a Chinese designated website catering for the China student market.

The company employs 20 staff, a big supporter of the the Armed Forces Covenant, and recently won two Sunday Times Lettings Agency awards for Innovation and Best Student Letting for its student letting services.


Chief executive, Henry Hutchins, Clever Student Lets

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