Bulgaria visit bids to improve city maths

A DELEGATION from Portmouth’s Tellus Educational Group has visited one of Bulgaria’s top maths academies in a bid to share best practice and build on business links in the country.

The team travelled to the country’s second city Plovdiv as part of an EU programme to study vocational education, training courses and business relations.

They attended a two-day seminar organised by the Model High School Of Mathematical academician Kiril Popov, which has been working with the Guildhall-based organisation.

Gergana Ivanova Petrova, the academy’s deputy principal and co-ordinator, said: ‘It was a successful conference looking at what we have done over the past year and looking at new partnerships with the Tellus Educational Group.’

Ania Wieczorek, Tellus director of sales for EU programmes, said: ‘Nine teachers are now due to travel from Plovdiv to the UK to take a close look at vocational training techniques.’


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