Plymouth based Audax Global Solutions recently attended the Emergency Services Show (EES), at the NEC in Birmingham.

The showcase is one of the largest of its kind in the UK calendar where over 450 stands exhibited the latest equipment and solutions for the emergency services, said Nick Arnold of Audax.

  • Mike Pitt and Nick Arnold of Audax

Mr Arnold, said: “We were at the show to talk to businesses and organisations who have expressed an interest in our new Bio-AX® system which is the next-generation of wearable camera solution that is generating interest from all across the globe.”

“We are one of the world leaders in developing Body Worn Video technology since our first versions being demonstrated in 2005, and we have provided solutions to numerous Police forces, local authorities, and security organisations around the world since then.”

Bio-AX® is a cost effective, interoperable and securely encrypted Body Worn Video, and able to transmit LIVE video and audio, via 4G or Wi-Fi in one simple, easy to use, rugged form factor,” he said.

“Designed for ‘situational awareness’, Bio-AX® also contains an enhanced staff ‘safety blanket’ alarm feature, with the capability for remote access, remote memory wipe, and redaction software all built into a ‘security and privacy by design’ product. Coupled with GPS location and GIS Google Mapping, all user actions from the Bio-AX® are logged, creating a complete chain of custody, from signing a device out, to streaming live footage.”

“It is secure to up uploading any evidence, and for the first-time, Bio-AX® gives organisations the capability to audit their actions for compliance, and the power to deploy the correct resources, with live ‘eye and ear on the ground’ perspective.”

“Audax believes that Bio-AX® will become the benchmark for the body Worn Camera market space as it contains so much more than other systems,” said Mr Arnold.

The (ESS) Show took place over two days and included seminars, lessons, road and safety displays, live demonstrations from response teams, new kit and paramedics, Police and CPD workshops. The showcase is one the largest of its kind in Europe and brings together charities, voluntary sector, and government partners working with the emergency services.

Mike Pitt, of Audax Global Solutions, added: “We not only met other businesses to talk about Bio-AX®, but we also promoted our existing chest cameras and live streaming solutions.”

“So far this year we have been promoting our products by attending events in London, Spain, Paris, Belgium, Poland, and the NEC in Birmingham over the last few months, with further events in Estonia, London and Warsaw still to come.”

“As an international business and exporter, that is proudly based in Plymouth and Brussels, Audax is a global player and punching above our weight on the international stage,” said Mr Pitt.

Managing director of Audax, Adam Liardet, said: “I am pleased our team had such a successful visit to the (ESS) Show in Birmingham recently. It has been an incredibly busy few months for us as we make the transition from being a distributor of products, to being a manufacturer in our own right.”

“It is also very rewarding that the EU Commission has chosen Audax as one of their ‘Star Projects’ to be highlighted at a large Euro run event for EU Security Innovation and Research, hosted in Estonia, where we have coordinated Sub-Contractors who have been utilised with both Hardware and Software development tasks for Bio-AX®,” said Mr Liardet.

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