(First picture:  Left to right: Eitan Levine, Charles Hendricks, Angie Kristic, and Erin McMahon).

(Second picture: The full cast of ‘To Win a Crown of Thorns’ in New York recently).



CHRIS SAVERY’S recent play in New York ‘To Win A Crown of Thorns’, will receive it’s Paris premiere on Sunday 14th September, at Carr’s, 1 Rue du Mont Thabor, near the Louvre Museum, at 7:30pm.

The two-hour production is about the English Civil War of 1642-1651, and a series of conflicts and political machinations between Parliamentarians (Roundheads) and Charles 1 (Royalists).

American director Angie Kristic produced Mr Savery’s play in New York where 14 actors played 30 characters, performing cross-gender roles at the June Havoc Theatre, off Broadway, as part of the annual Midtown International Festival.

Angie Kristic, said: “The play in New York was so successful, we were invited by Ms Campion of the ‘Moving Parts Theatre Group’ in Paris to showcase the production to Parisian theatre lovers after enjoying our NY performances.”

British playwright Chris Savery, said: “My play generated a lot of interest in New York from the hard work of Angie and the cast.”

New York based actor Eitan Levine is flying over from New York to reprise his role as Lord Digby, added: “I’m very excited it will now showcase in the heart of Paris and looking forward in playing the role again.”

“To Win A Crown of Thorns is a big play on words and the flexibility of the English Language, and all the actors were incredibly committed and hard working,” said Mr Savery.

Ms Kristic, added: “Actors play out the words and emotions through the eyes of Roundheads and Royalists and a surprise hit with New York audiences, and we’re hoping to do the same with Parisian theatre goers.”

The Moving Parts Theatre Group is a Paris based bilingual play reading workshop and performs plays at Carr’s in the centre of the city. Meetings are also taking place in bringing the production to the UK.

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(All pictures courtesy of John Stagnari).

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