IN the media bag of goodies, Public Relations, is a great tool to manage your company’s profile, communication, relationships, and business potential in overseas markets.

Yes, PR builds your brand awareness, maintains a credibility, unlocks potential business prospects, and crisis management, is the special get out of jail card to salvage or repair a business reputation.

The art of PR can require persuading influencers in the traditional and social media worlds in achieving positive media coverage, but this only part of the PR and marketing jigsaw.

Businesses always say how do you evaluate PR?

Much of my earlier work was measured on advertising space measurements and costs, reputation, brand strength etc.

But now, with digital tracking and analytics, PR can have massive results on your short and long-term goals for your business especially working in export markets across the globe.

Public Relations can be visible and invisible, just like the constant decisions over PR verses advertising spends for companies.

I believe PR is more powerful than advertising – as the messaging gets others to talk about your media release, your brand, with the right story to tell.


Research is the key and establishing your audience:

*     Media and Blogger Lists

*     Off the peg ‘one stop media releases’, PR online, photography, and videos for    

       journalists and  online media distributions

*     BE THE STORY – creative story telling

*     Anniversaries and award nominations

*     Piggy backing stories in the local, national, and international media – supportive

       stories and giving  comments etc

*     Stats, surveys, could be a great business story!

*    Alternatively send your blog to editors and write letters to newspapers

*     Help a journalist- with mutually beneficial stories

*     Explore what is going on in the local, national, and international business  pages on

       the internet on topics surrounding your business

*     Regular Tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other online platforms

*     Content marketing

*     The old-fashioned phone technique still has a role in PR 

I’ve said in earlier blogs about old fashioned media PR and face-to-face communications is still very important in the toolkit of PR delivery.

Events, conferences, networking, and talking directly to other business leaders is still one of the biggest recipes for generating business in any market places across the globe.

In 2019, Dorcas Media is looking to run media master classes for businesses interested in PR and marketing activities in exporting markets across the globe in association with International Trade Matters.

Anyone looking for more information about International Trade Matters can visit the web portal: www.internationaltradematters.com or contact: kevin@dorcasmedia.com




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