CHOOSING a student let and matching up with like-minded housemates – is perhaps one of the biggest decisions over 30,000 learners make every year in Plymouth.

North Hill based Clever Student Lets have come up with a nouveau way of helping students with a ‘House Match’ event that works on a ‘yellow and blue card system’, says sales and service manager James Deacon.

Mr Deacon, said: “You have two colours at the networking event where yellow is for looking for a housemate, and blue looking for a house.”

“Opposite colours attract, but our sales team will be there to help students’ along the way. It’s a chance to have fun, meet other students, and the clever way to find a housemate.”

“This is the second year we are running this very successful event, and last year was great fun with around 50 students attending, and about 8 additions to friendship groups created.”

“A big problem that any student faces is being placed into accommodation with just anyone – however, we make sure at our House Match event or, even on a one-to-one viewing – our potential tenants not only choose a great house, but also focus on great people too.”

“Matching people not just on a course, but getting a feel for the personality and lifestyle as well.”

A few of the House Matcher tenants from last year are now booking full houses together this year, and it is a great feeling to know we got it right – and created a friendship group, said Mr Deacon.

Nationally recognised Clever Student Lets is Plymouth’s leading provider of student accommodation and recently launched a Chinese designated website.

The next House Match event is on the 30th March, at 6pm, at the Roundabout, 2-4 Drake’s Circus, Plymouth.

Anyone looking for more details about the House Matcher event can contact: admin@cleverstudentlets.com or Tel 01752 500511


Picture left to right:    House Matcher students:  Jeremy Hazell-Jackson and Tine Lah





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