A South West synthetic biology expert is looking for the British Government post-Brexit – to help support the UK at being a world leader in this new pioneering and exciting industry, says Dr Raymond Sparrow.

The Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade Dr Liam Fox is visiting the region next month, and I’m keen to meet him to discuss trade missions and talk more about the sector, said Dr Sparrow.

“I have set up my own business RWS Scientific, Research, and Educational Consultancy to specifically work in the field of synthetic biology, and give lectures, and written papers on how engineering and physics can be more closely linked with biology, and create ‘biological machines’.”

“That means using molecular and sub-cellular living organisms and using them to replace components in machines, such as circuit boards.”

“Yes, we are talking next generation technology, and looking to create new products, devices, and machines which are more efficient and could have huge implications for medicine, energy, industry, computing, data storage, and the environment.”

Dr Raymond Sparrow working in South Africa

Dr Sparrow, who has a PhD in biophysics, is looking to create a scientific laboratory in the South West region, and worked in South Africa, teaching and carrying out research, and was the first person to carry out research into the uses of synthetic biology in engineering, and for over five-years was involved in a project which received £6 million of investment.

He is outlining his business ideas and plans and looking to work with business, academic, and government agency partners in the region, and importantly getting the British Government to recognise the new industry, he said.

Anyone looking for more information can contact Dr Raymond Sparrow at RWS Consultancy:

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