THE Plymouth Octopus Project (POP) is calling on city residents’ to get involved in a ‘BIG LUNCH’, and to get as many local people as possible together from across the city to have lunch with their neighbours, on the 1st June, in a simple act of community, friendship and fun.

Jacky Clift, of POP, said: “The Big Lunch is a simple idea by the Eden Project, and last year there were over 20 Big Lunches in the city.”

“This year we are looking to increase local participation and offering £50 to support community groups working together that also includes; public liability insurances, help with road and park closures, and links to other skills and resources.”

“The idea around the campaign is to foster community links, discover common ground across age, class, faith, race and the garden fence, remind ourselves that charity begins in the city, or just a couple of doors away, and remember we are all part of a community,” said Jacky.

POP was set up last year to provide infrastructure and support for voluntary and community groups around the city, and funded by Plymouth City Council.

How to join in on the The Big Lunch…

The Big Lunch takes place annually on the first Sunday of June, but city residents and community groups can join in and host whatever event they like.

Anyone looking for more details about the BIG LUNCH or POP can contact: pop@zebra.coop or Tel 01752 395131/268599


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